Rebecca Grubaugh- August 16, 1949

Rebecca Grubaugh was a legendary teacher who taught grade school in the Mansfield City Schools.  She taught for 46 years.  Her career ended when she became seriously ill from a heart condition.  Grubaugh described in her letter of resignation the joys she had throughout her teaching years.  She was a competent teacher and the Mansfield City Schools were fond enough of her that they named the Western Avenue School after her. 

            Grubaugh began her teaching in Mansfield at Bushnell in 1895.  She then went to West Fifth in 1900.  In 1907, she went to Newman and taught there for five years.  Then Grubaugh transferred to Western School, which was later named Rebecca Grubaugh School.  She taught first grade throughout her remaining years at Grubaugh Elementary.

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